Home-Raised Puppies

Breeding & Raising Standard Poodle puppies


Family friendly puppies don't just happen. It takes constant love to socialize a dog. That's where we come in.

Reba May has twenty years experience in raising well-loved and socialized puppies, one litter at a time.  Our home has one female, Miss Paddington, and we usually raise one or two litter of AKC Royal Standard Poodle puppies a year.  This ensures that every puppy is cuddled, played with, and loved as a member of our family, until she joins your family. 

Paddington is the center of our household, and she births and raises her puppies in our home, in the midst of the commotion and attention of a loving family.  Because we love each puppy, we do not engage in abusive practices such as docking tails and removing dewclaws.  Poodles use their dewclaws for balance, and all dogs use their tails for expression and proper pack socialization, plus both procedures can cause later health problems. 





Puppies ready to go home.

In January 2014, Paddy's eight puppies from this litter were all adopted into new homes!

Fall 2013 litter born.

Paddy gave birth to eight beautiful, healthy puppies, including 3 boys and 5 girls.